Day 9: Burned liked a roasted prawn

Yep, yesterday we hired a Kayak for three persons, my german friend, Kerrie, an english girl we met at Chumpon (that is the ghost town from where we had to take the ferry from) and myself.

Those north europeans made me wake up at 8 oclock in the morning to hire the kayak, I couldnt understand why they wanted to do such a thing but I didnt argued too much about it, so we hired the kayak and we headed soth west, trying different snorkelling places we have marked in a map, it was amazing, I never saw so many fish in my life, I just wanted to play with them, touch them, feel p[art of this subaquatic world, I think that in my next reencarnation I want to be a fish.

In the last snorkelling spot I saw my first real  Ray in my life, it was beneath some rocks. covered in the sand. It was very difficult to see it in the first place, my german friend had to show me the spot. I also think I saw very  small sharks. but I am not sure, so we will say “no” until I have it confirmed with another snorkeller (there are so many different fishes that who knows what I saw), also, nobody believes I ve seen them around here so probably they were not (they might be jealous :))

Also, the gods were good with me as somebody left some snorkelling glasses hanging from a branch of a tree in a solitary beach, so  I didnt had to rent any, I already have my own…

With the Kayak we visited the neighbouring Sai Daang Beach, there is a nice diving place over there,  as well as Aw leuk bay, in this beach there were tiny waves(it is at the westen coast this is why), but big enough to make us shipwreck, and the three of us went into the water with all our stuff under the surprised looks of the tourists on the beach, who I bet had a good time with it.

I had my camera with me, but I used one of those plastic bags that are sealed so we have nothing to be sorry about.

What I have to be sorry about is for the skin of my back and even scalp! I forgot the suncream and I was not taking a tshirt with me, thank god kerrie had the sun cream and Ranky left me his shirt, else it would had been much worse. Anyway I am quiet roasted and today will keep my self out of the sunrays as much as possible.

Now healing myself with aloe vera in the shade…

See you later! Want to put some photos, today might be the day….

below is a map of the island


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