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I see cat miau miauuuu…why miau miau??

Muhammed the taxi driver

End of the day Joy.

Midnight camel driver

Aqaba Mechanic.

My little brother.

Urban meadow.

Generating smiles with compressed air.


Jordanian mornings.

No plans for today.

My neighbourhood kids.

My intention was to post one picture of those kids, but I couldnt choose just one…I thought that in this case the group of pictures expressed better how they are than if I just chose one. So there it goes, maybe, in the future I would do this again, not just one pic…but a group of them…

I would be very happy if you let me know your thoughts, muchas gracias!


The rababa player.

Always, no matter what.

Waleed from Amman.

Ibrahim from Irbid.

A time for yourself.

Promised land view.

Arabian family time.

Back alley break.

El vendedor de Nisperos.

Dark Omen.

Tamar Hindi.