DAY 7: Chilling out in Ko Tao

Yeah, Chilling out because it has been a hell of a trip coming from Bangkok to Koh Tao:  We left the hostel at Bangkok around 5 o clock arrived at the bus station 1 hour later by local bus (this was funny, two sweaty foreigners with their backpacks surrounded by Thais! My german friend told the driver to send us directly to the island jhjejeje I had to tell them that only necessary to the train station, it was SAi Tai Chang Taling, they were very impressed with my Thai skills :))

afterwards we had to wait until 9 at the station and take a bus to chumpon, 7 hours, for 480 km, I didnt sleep at all, and when we arrived to Chumpon there was no living soul (it was at 4 oclock) and dark like a cove huhuuhuhuuu… well, we finally made the way to the port, after asking a couple of thais we found, and took the ferry for another 3 and  a half ours, as all thais that meet us are offering services at very high prices we just dont listen to them and we just do it the hard way, so when we arrived to koh tao we didnt even taked a taxi, we walked for 40 min under the sun until we arrived to the Freedom resort, which was in the souther  beach of Chalok Baan Kao Bay, and in lonely planet states that the price was 300 bahts.

Well, when we made it over there, I was sweating like a pig, and the german dude in charge told us that he only had the “royal suite” for 1000 bahts…at this point I almost faint, and why the guy was explaining us why the prices had gone from 300 bahts (what the lonely planet states)to 1000 bahts I was pouring sweat all over the place…

So then we have to take our back packs and go back on our foot steps, close enough there were several resorts and we find a bungalow for 400 bahts that it is pretty cool…if it wouldnt be for the motorbikes that passby in the morning waking you up as it is at the side of the road jejeje

So you can imagine: in order to do 480 km by road and 75 km by sea it took us a 20 hour journey without sleeping crazy but loved each single moment of it.

About Koh TAo now:

We are at Chalok Baan Kao Bay, in the south of the island

The island is amazing, full of palm trees, lime stones that appear from the middle of the water, and little huts between the hills and the beach like camouflaged with the landscapes…the resorts look like the town of the ewooks from Star wars, and they are quite full of tourists, although today we were able to find a quiet beach about 20 mts  wide with no one around   at the southest part were I saw fish of all colors and shapes and with cristal clear waters, you could even see the fish going around in circles around your feet, great sensation also just sitting on top of a limestone, hearing the roar of the waves, alone, and with my friend the german guy and the sun,

Tonight an incredible sunset so sorry I didnt had the camera, I have to leave my friends, piece and love!

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