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Portrait of a very special friend.



Revolutionary hope.


To Rachel, Ben and Blake.

With the last of my friends gone I feel how the wheel of time starts to move  again….

Even though I will remain, I sense that I am already  travelling…this time is not me who moves but the others. Each kilometer they move away it appears in my mind as it is me who is travelling away, and with this thoughts,  the new adventures that I will head in this new  phase appear in front of me with special joy, excitement and peace of mind.

As I watch the sunset and I hear the  Adhan been called by the Muezzins of the nearby minarets, I am dressing a special smile, a smile that grows with each minute and that cant be stopped.

Its been a long time since the departure of a good friend makes me feel sad. They leave me full of good memories, and I treasure them in my heart.

No matter how far away you are in space you will always travel with me.

Waking up.

I woke up from a siesta…and I had no idea where I was:  Jordan? Costa Rica? I just felt in peace, relaxed, at the seaside sleeping over some cushions…a slow music in spanish was flowing in the air…

“Im in Dahab”…And I smiled.