Dia 6:
Finally I made it to Utila! It  has been tough though...I had to wake up at 4 oclock in the morning a couple of days
ago to take the bus from the bus station of Managua (Nicaragua) and cross honduras to la Ceiba, 3rd biggest city of
 Honduras, where the ferry´s leave towards the Bay Islands.
That day I started the day full of joy like always, I met an interesting guy thay played the guitar on the bus,  he looked like what I thought those colored guys from the caribean must look like: rastas, tall, stilish, and with  a guitar on his back. I had a chat in the border with him and to my surprise he was Canadian (wtf?) but he was  travelling alone and he spoke spanish so there was something more I am sure... Well, I was enjoying the day talking with my hondureños friends, making jokes etc, until we arrived to the capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa. There I said good bye to this caribbean dude and he gave me his card so that we could keep in contact. I was very happy, I tooked out my wallet and slipped the card in. This was pretty much the stupiest thing to do: in a bus station crowded with people at Tegucigalpa honduras take out my wallet and show everybody in what pocket I was carrying it. In 5 minutes my wallet was not my wallet anymore. I couldnt believe it, 5 minutes in Tegucigalpa and already without a wallet. DUDE!! THOSE GUYS ARE SERIOUS!! Is what I thought at that the moment I realized  that somebody had pickpocket me I was ñkind of psicologically knocked was the first time I had my wallet stolen, I always noticed when someone pickpocket me, I thought I was a difficult target, but you see, in  Tegucigalpa, I met a guy that was very good. RESPECT. No big deal as I had only 7 dollars and no important document on it or credit-debit card, those were hidden somewhere else. Dont keep all your eggs in the same basket guys... So then the paranoia started. All those nice people around...didnt looked so nice anymroe...and thinking that at 5 pm my bus was ending at San Pedro Sula, 2nd largest city of the country of the world where more people were  killed in proportion to the population living in it started to give me the chills. I spent like most of the trip between tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula hesitating over if I should continue to La Ceiba or just stay at San Pedro  Sula: Pros of staying at San Pedro Sula-it would still be day light. Cons: Worlds most criminalized city in the fucking world, holly molly. So when I decided to continue my trip to La Ceiba, in a deluxe bus, I arrived to the terminal of San PEdro and  found a very cheap deal for going in a normal bus, so without thinking it too much I jumped on that bus.  I regret doing this almost at the same moment I was in the bus, as it was already dark and travelling through  Honduras during the night by bus is not a very good idea, but I took my chances and it worked fine. the following day I took the ferry to Utila, island of pirates in the caribbean, and this is completely true!!!
The people here speak very funny english!! I arrived to the island, just before sunset, and what a sunset...the sea

looks like electric blue, and the sky is red spotted with clouds…I will try to take a pic. and show it to you
guys one of this days!

Yesterday I was in the water at 19 meters deep for the first time in one year!!!! I felt a little bit uncomfy with
the gear I was using, also I was overweighted which made very hard to dive in horizontal position…

But on the second dive I corrected this and I had an incredible experience!!!! I went inside a cave for the first
time in my life!!!! It looked like a canyon at the beginning, I was not really sure if I should do this, but we were
all in line and the first 3 were going in, so I said to myself…why not? And once in there was no chance to turn
around, as there was no space and a couple of divers behind.
What an experience, it was amazing, seeing all this rocks around me, moving through the passage, trying to keep
buyancy under control….and then, when I was in the middle…complete darknesss….the divers in front of me where
blocking the light coming through the exit, so I had to keep cool in this small passage and wait until they moved
out in order to see something. When I started to move on, I turned right following the passage and while I did this I saw a school of golden fish (no idea what type of fish but they were golden :D) at my left side sheltering from pedrators at the end of the cave.

What a great day my friends!
Lets see where I dive today 😀

3 responses

  1. Patricia M.

    Ole tus huevos!! Supongo que lo de la cartera soluconado no?

    09/11/2011 at 6:17 pm

    • sin mayor transcendencia Patricia! 😀 lo unico que he perdido es un poco de amor propio , el dni y la tarjeta de osakidetza que para lo que me sirve por aqui patata!

      Un beso desde el caribe!!!! Y dale otro a Monchi!!


      10/11/2011 at 4:00 am

  2. Protovasco, glad they only stole you $7! You made it to paradise despite the whole experience! Enjoy the Pirate Island!!!! I’m jealous, I want to go back diving in my crazy country!

    14/11/2011 at 8:47 am

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