Dia 2: From Liberia to Managua.

I am now at Managua, in a room I could find in Indonesia, for the same price as indonesia and I had dinner at Managua in a cantina that guess what?  looked like the classic indonesian food stand with the same food as I could have been served in Indonesia with the exception that rice is also mixed with frigoles (arriba el gallito pinto!!).

All the bus drive I was looking through the window, and what I could see were volcanoes, mountains, a lot  of vegetation,trees, banana plantations:Indonesia again.

Although I was very proud of myself with the indonesian lingo I learned while I was travelling last year, this is not comparable with the experience of being in a very far away land and you can speak perfectly their mother tongue, It is so special!!!

People are treating me very well, and I find Central americans very nice. I always like more the old people and the very young ones, I guess it is because I feel I can trust them more.

During the trip from Liberia to Managua I was sitting all the way with la señora Marbella, 53 year old Nica (that is the way of calling Nicaraguans) that came from visiting one of her daughters at San Jose. I really enjoy talking with this people, always with a smile on their face, and of easy laugh and conversation. Before I could tell Sra. Marbella and another 2 ladies sitting in front of me  we were best pals.

I was a little bit scared the last days thinking about the dangers of travelling through Central America, but so long, it is really safe.

Big hugs,


2 responses

  1. Mi estimado Protovasco,

    Te voy siguiendo de cerca los pasos. Me alegro que tus primeras experiencias sean buenas. No temais! Estoy segura que todo te ira muy bien. Si no cualquier cosa movemos nuestras influencias Centroamericanas.

    Habla tambien con gente de tu edad, te darás cuenta que si hay gente en la que puedes confiar.

    Un abrazo,


    07/11/2011 at 4:28 pm

    • gracias princesa Maya 😀

      08/11/2011 at 4:30 am

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