DAY 267: From Chiang Mai to Pai, on my way to Laos…

Hello my friends!

Chiang Mai was a very interesting city, north capital of Thailand full of art, temples and markets…completely diferent to Bangkok, this is a small place, and the temperature is cool…the best thing to do here is renting a bicycle and getting lost on its streets, and I say this because for me it took me less than 5 seconds to be confused and lost…and I wanted to rent a motorbike.
HA! I would have finished in Beijing…

I had a couple of incredible experiences, and they all occurred in one of the temples in the center of town…there is a mysterious magic over there…

so this is what happened: I was riding my bike, when I saw this catchy temple with a lot of flashy golden and red colors and nice carvings, so I decided to stop and take a look…I locked my bike on the sidewalk just in front of the temple, between its walls and a street lamp: at this moment an old lady with gray hair, makes this sign, like the buddhist sign of making hello with her palms together in front of her face, at this moment what I thought is that this benevolent old granny was showing her respects towards this westerner from far away lands, so I returned her the sign with a big smile on my face and stepped sideways, so that the venerable old lady could pass first between the lamp and the wall of the temple.

At this moment she makes a “haahgggmmmmmaaaa!!!” sound and she comes directly over me, and she squeezes my arm between her fingers as hard as she could while doing this horrible “haagnmaaaaaaaaaaaa…”

Guys, goosebumps all over my body, with the pain and seeing the old benevolent lady turning into a witch screaming at me with her black one tooth opened mouth…I short of got her grip out of my arm and continued my way to the temple….

So this was a good warming up before entering the temple wasnt it? After going around the temple, entering its shrines, I saw something that attracted my attention: It was a huge GONG drum, all covered with carvings and sacred buddhist scriptures around it…I was feeling curious about it, when then I see this big stick used to hit at it lying on the floor at its side…I grabbed it. It was heavy.

And when I am holding this big drum stick, this idea passed through my mind: should I hit the big gong???? I looked around me to see if there is anybody around….and then I see this buddhist monk smiling at me and nodding with his head….

so I hit it, all of a sudden the air was covered with this deep tone “gooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooongggggggggggg”…it filled everything…it was deep, powerful, sacred….and I LIKED IT.

So I did it again. But this time as hard as I could:

And then it happened: Suddenly this wind raised from nowhere, a magical breeze appeared that started shaking my hair the branches of the trees around…and the tiny bells hanging from the temple roofs started dangling: clin clin clin clin!!!!!!! Incredible guys. I was feeling like an inmortal.LOVED IT.

After this sensations, I left northwest towards Pai…

village in the middle of a beautiful valley, all surrounded by waterfalls, hot springs, and beautiful green scenery surrounded by butterflies spinning around….perfect place to relax….if it wouldn’t be because of the amount of reggae parties at night, that kept me awake most of it, not because I was trying to sleep, but because of the cocktails I was having in them 🙂

This place is like neverland….very hard to get away…yesterday I was able to get out after one week…aaahhhh….it is so nice over there that you could perfectly stay for a full month

…but not now. Not now that I am on my last phase of the trip. Now I need to think, so I must stay out of temptations…

take care!



2 responses

  1. alex

    I wonder if the old lady was just begging and you didnt realize.. Enjoy OC!

    09/11/2010 at 10:05 am

    • hahhaha! EXACTLY my bro…the old lady was begging..

      take care Albi

      09/11/2010 at 3:00 pm

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