DAY 258: From Ayuthaya to Chiang Mai

Just arrived this morning to Chiang Mai, I met 3 girls from my hometown in the bus from Ayuthaya, 9 hours drive away, and I had my doses of laughs with them…until the malicious driver started dropping the temperature of the air-conditioning in the bus…I was prepared, as I already know how this bus usually end up as freezers with wheels, but It was not until the person at my side left the bus and I was able to use her blanket that my teeth stopped ratling…and this was with 3 fucking blankets on top of me, a sweater and socks! The spanish girls were at the other side of the bus but I think they kind of invented enough clothes to keep themselves warm until the end of the trip, I think they even used the desperate measure of using plastic bags to cover their heads jajaja

I arrived to Ayuthaya 3 days ago scaping from Crazy Bangkok, and this was the first moment I realized what my mom was telling me since 15 days ago…10 min, before arriving to ayuthaya all the landscape become a huge river…with water everywhere and people going in canoe…the thing is that my mom told me to be careful when I was in indonesia, and I found all this mess in central thailand…I was a little scared that Ayuthaya was flooded as well, but they wisely placed a lot of sand bags around the city, and it still holds its ground…sad to see it in this state, as you can see all those old temples helplessly at the side of the menacing waters of the river…

Apart from that Ayuthaya was beautiful my friends, a lot of temples in ruins, all inhabited by hordes of dogs…actually they are all around the place, kind of scary, you don’t want to be alone at night and be attacked by a gang of wild of scavenger dogs…In one of my walks, I found a nice, small and sunny path between to ugly grey buildings, so I decided to follow it, until theĀ  way was blocked by two huge dogs, barking…of course I turned around and left, but the voice of an old lady coming from the end of the path stopped me, and all of a sudden I was crossing by her hand the fence of her house, in front of the two dogs still snarling furiously at me, and this old tai lady made me seat inside the house, and after offering me a lot of drinks I finally accepted a coffee…I was filling myself more and more relaxed in this sheltered environment , until I saw that black cloud coming down…a fucking legion of mosquitoes attacking me viciously… I left the place after holding her hands all the way back out of the path of the dogs and said good-bye to the old lady, a pity I was really enjoying it, it is amazing how friendly those tais can be…

love my friends


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  1. mariana from mexico

    lovely to hear you pepito! And you write so nicely, I really enjoy following your electronic updates. Keep having fun, good luck and take care.

    31/10/2010 at 5:53 pm

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