wow…another 2 months have passed…I would have written more…but I was  having such a great time, such an intense life  that I couldnt find the time  to even write…and when I thought about writing, I lacked  the time needed to express myself…

3 days ago I left Komodo National Park, but I still feel like if I would be there.Feelings surprise me in every corner,Im in a state of dreaming but I am awake. memories of the times I spent there worm their way into my brain: sensations of the underwater world I left behind, the ripping flow of the full moon currents flushing against my face while Im hooked at the top of a blooming coral mount at Crystal Rock, the taste of the salty water on my skin, the explosion of flavor of  pineapple in my mouth mixed with the sea water salt in my tongue, the relaxing noises of the inspiration and expiration of air from my tank, the soothing sensation of being in a womb completely submerge in 30 degrees celsius water for more than an hour, the red sunsets  on the way back to Labuan Bajo…and of course my friends that have so immensely helped me.

I AM STILL WET. Even though I left and I am  by now thousands of km away,i am still soaked in the waters of Komodo deep in my bones.

What I have experienced at Komodo National Park has little to do with learning the skill of diving. It has been discovering another way of living.

A life in which you are intimately connected to the sea and its creatures, far less violent, far more curious and approachable than land creatures: will never forget the day I was at the front guiding 6 guests and my friend juvens into 26 mantas at Makassar, all my field of vision covered with mantas, the sensation of power they transmitted, swimming at half a meter of our heads in circles  (Juvens count them, I was too excited :)))), the day I spoke with the cuttlefish…the days Ive been in the middle of a whirlpool of hundreds of fussiliers so close I could touch them if I extended my hand…the sharks and the big eye trevallies dancing around what Marij calls the ceremonial rock, at the east of Castle Rock….

A life in which you are surrounded by jungles of multicolored , multishaped coral, dream like, dali style landscapes that only those that have ventured into the underwater world can imagine…Batu Bolong, the north side of Pengah Kecil…

A life in which you  help other human beings showing the path into the discovery of a  new world, for most of the people forgotten, nonexistent and at times dangerous,dark and scary.

Yesterday, all of  a sudden, I realized that I am not the same any more. I have changed.

and it is not the colors, the coral, the sharks the 6 meters big mantas what has blowed up  my mind…it is taking all this into another level. A higher level. The spiritual level,the personal level, with passion, with love, with tenderness…

I feel strange but happy. Those days are now gone, but new are about to come, new adventures, new friends, new landscapes await…and here at my side, my loyal EOS400D, forgotten for quite some months, is ready and happy to start shooting pictures again 🙂

A big hug to all of you!!!


2 responses

  1. Simone

    Jose, reading this last Blog nearly made me cry and I’m not joking.It’s amazing what happened to u and how u can put it into words. Thanx for that

    25/10/2010 at 3:45 pm

    • gracias moni for taking your time reading it 🙂

      people ask me where I am going…and I am happy to tell them I dont know, I will know when Im there…actually… do we actually need to go somewhere??

      big hug!

      26/10/2010 at 9:44 am

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