DAY 135: Running “San Komodo”


After a 10 hours ferry we arrived to Labuanbajo, entry port for the Ferry from Sumbawa to Flores, and also operational base for all diving shops and boat tours to Komodo National Park.

After taking a day to rest and organize a boat trip to Komodo National park, we headed on the next day to what it has been one of the most amazing places Ive ever visited, I think the best till now on my trip!!!

We took a 2 day trip by boat, a small boat with a total  of 7 passengers, and the crew: the captain, who was all the time serving me glasses of the local drink, Arak, the chef (and what a chef!) and a translator. I must say that the trip was done from my point of view in complete harmony, we were all so happy of being here and being able to enjoy this beautiful place and the great weather that accompanied us  that our beings  irradiated happiness all over the place…

Our first stop of the trip was done at Rinca island, one of the biggest islands (after Komodo) of the national park, where we did a small trekking around some hills, during the stay in the island we saw around 15 komodo dragons, they are all over the place, even before jumping out of the boat we already saw one walking in front of the jetty…with out mentioning the other dozen that where lazily laying around the rangers office, having a little nap hiding from the sun under the hut…

The rangers of the park carry a  staff as a weapon in order to protect the tourists against a komodo dragon attack, do not make mistakes, they look lazy, but they can run faster than a human being if they want to…

when we finished the trekking and reappeared again at the rangers office, I was shooting my camera at one of the small ones that was lying around the place, when I saw there was one very big, (around 2-3 meters?) that was moving away from a big group of lizards, and my group of friends where all contemplating this…of course I went in a hurry to take position near them in order to take a pic of the great lizard, when all of a sudden one of the medium size ones starts charging towards us: at this moment we all back off, except the guide, who, under our petrified glaze as we couldnt understand what was going on, and like a torero matador that goes for the kill of the bull, he waits for the dragon and then pushes forward  towards him using the big staff wich ended in a short of a fork with 2 points to contain him…CRACK. The staff breaks on the top of the lizard, the sound was so hard that you could fill the strength of the crash..I was flipping… “RUN!!!!” was what i heard next, and then i was flipping even more, as the place was full of lizards, and we were not sure where to run, we start all to jog around the office of the rangers,  I was filling as if in one  of those cartoons of tom and jerry, running around the hut with my camera on hand,not really sure where to run,thinking “what the fuck is going on”,  expecting a dragon waiting at the other side of the hut…so there we go Like a “San Komodo” instead of San Fermines…what a glorious moment guys!  After it was all finished the rangers told us it was the first attack in the last 2 months….and when we went to Komodo they told us that there had been 10 people injured by komodo dragons since they recall, 4 of them who had died because of the wounds…their bite is lethal as their mouths are rotten with bacteria!!

We finished the day with another beautiful sunset, with the sky covered by the mighty flying foxes. those are huge fruit bats that live in the mangrove trees around the islands, amazing way of finishing the day, with the last orange rays of the sun being crossed by those huge bats and their screams filling the air…

Ah! Almost forgot. The snorkelling here is AMAZING, the coral is incredible, more than 95% of it is alive, best I have ever seen….

Anyway, the best of all was not Rinca, or Komodo, it was the  sailing around the islands, that incredible feeling of being here and enjoying this setting , with a group of nice people, each of us coming from different places, with different ideas, different ages, different moments in our lifes…but all sharing this incredible moment and the beauty of this world…

…and I think of what a wonderful world we live, and how much I love to live, and how much I love all of you..

good night buddies.



2 responses

  1. Amber

    Aw Jose!

    What a great post! I can just imagine you, getting chased by Komodo dragons with your camera in your hands and probably a big smile on your face! So glad that you are loving life and exploring as much as possible. Keep spreading the happiness, Jose!

    As for me, I just got back to the United States for the summer. I’m working in Cape Cod and I plan on trying to surf for the first time! I’ve had to postpone my Bilbao surfing trip because I came back to the US sooner than expected. I hope I get a chance to go in September.

    Take care of yourself, don’t get eaten by dragons, and come back to us safe and sound!

    Besos gordos,


    02/07/2010 at 5:12 pm

    • thanks Amber!

      It was a great boat trip!!! So no surfing in Bilbao?? Well I guess going home is also a very good plan, seeing family and enjoying the beach looks like a good combination…

      Un besazo!

      08/07/2010 at 7:18 am

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