DAY 129: From Gili to Sumbawa- Killing the dragon

Hello guys!

At the moment I am waiting till tomorrow mornings ferry to cross from Sumbawa Sape to Flores, dont think I will go any further in indonesia…or maybe not 😉

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So I spent 4 days relaxing myself at Gili Meno, this is the smallest of all three Gili Islands, Gili Meno, and it was just wonderful staying there chilling out for several days, if you never have been in indonesia you must know that travelling is hard here, not the physical tiredness, which is big as transports are not so comfortable (I am most of the time travelling by public transport, packed buses, sweaty, and with chicken below and above your seat…), what is more unbearable is the psychological damage caused by the locals that want to make profit with you, every time you appear in a bus station or any other public place you got 40 guys harassing you in a way you can’t imagine…

So going back to the story 😉 I spent 4days at meno, not too much to do but sleep, eat well, lay down on the beach,see turtles while snorkelling (and there IS quite some nice coral at Gili meno, despite what I had heard related to this subject), read a book, and watch soccer!!

after this, me and Cattherine, who is still travelling with me!, we crossed all lombok by public transport and hopped to the next island, sumbawa, island of  green menacing mountains and fields, and EPIC surf…and yeah, I have surfed probably what I think the most beautiful waves of my life, if I close my eyes I still feel the excitement…the size, the power…and the incredible beauty of a perfect and a long left,surfed at sunset not even a day ago…but let me continue with my story 🙂

So we arrived to MAluk, what we expected to be a nice town was not that nice, and all accommodation was expensive and shit, but we were lucky, when we were already depressed and getting dark without many choices, we stopped to buy cigarettes (still smoking like crazy) and the owners of the place rented us a small house in an indonesian poor neighbourhood, which we accepted happily as it was the nicest place compared with the horrible hotel rooms and it was even cheaper.

From there we rented a motorbike and headed more south, we saw a lot of monkeys and lizards, and we finally arrived to YoYos,nearby a small town called sengkongkang another great surf break and splendid yellow sand beach, the landscape was stunning, and we discovered a hidden beach with nobody but us nearby, hidden in between to mountains a little bit more north of yoyos, we wanted to go to yoyos but mistaken the way and finished over here, which was the best thing could have happened as at Yoyos the wave was so big that nobody could surf…

The following morning, we left Maluk and continued our travels, with a smile on our face for having been able to discover yoyos and its beautiful beaches on the nearby, I wished I would have stayed 4 days around more, but anyway…so we headed east in our way to Hu’u, but we could only make it to Sumbawa basar, another town in the middle of the way, even though we discussed for several hours in the station the possibilities for taking busses…we were all the time surrounded by a dozen persons as well…I remembered a moment when Catherine was sitting in a bench and looking over the lonely planet and there were 8 heads behind her looking at what she was reading…I found it pretty funny, but of  course I’ve already been 2 months around Indonesia, I guess other people wouldn’t find it funny, specially if you are a woman…

oohh!! this was the best part: I will remember this for a long time…at the end we were sitting down in a bench with several locals, talking a mixture of english and indonesia, I am learning some lingo and can make myself understand for basic things, and have a couple of laughs as well…I must say that it doesn’t normally work both ways: I can make questions, but understanding their replies is another story, anyway, when I say a couple of words coherently they get really impressed and they get scared to talk between them in  indonesian, and this guy, a bus driver, very funny and nice I must say, said in loud voice pointing to me, so that everybody could listen: “He is a genius!!!” and quickly added “LIKE ME”. that was so cool. I gave him my box of chocolate cookies.

we slept in another horrible hostel with a bathroom where we didn’t  dared to put our ass on, and the following morning headed towards Hu’u, another surfing paradise, the trip went fairly well and we made it to lakey beach (the legendary lakey beach!!!!) before sunset, although there were moments it seemed we were never going to make it there, and I could feel the face of catherine darkening thinking she must sleep in a shithole again…but we made it!!!!

lakey is where we spent the last 4 days, and although I didn’t dare to surf the barrels of lakey, I did surf at Nungas, half a mile south, and that was fucking sublime guys…cant describe it with words…the first day I was scared, well, Ive been scared all the days, as again it is a reef wave and if the wave falls directly on top of you you can get smashed into the reef…yesterday night I went to bed so happy,and today I could still feel it if I closed my eyes, the sound, the image, the FEELING… it is hard to describe what you feel on those seconds you are riding the wave, unique feeling the wind on your body while you take speed, and the sensation on your body when you make the take off and you see at your sides how the wave is lifting and the vertical path you have to take…and you paddle onwards towards uncertainty and risk…



2 responses

  1. Silvia Titus Herrera

    Hola querido, veo que te sigues divirtiendo de lo lindo y ahora con acompañante femenino!!!! Y si no continuas Indonesia, que pasa? Te regresas? Bueno, hay nos avisas. Nosotros ahora si en pleno verano. Te cuento que el sabado fui a Awakenings Festival. Una locura alucinante total!!!! La verdad que me diverti mucho porque era la primera vez que iba a un festival sin estar enferma.

    Bueno, cuidate y cuentanos como sigues en tu aventura. Son demasiado divertidos tus blogs. Nunca cambies!

    Un abrazototote,

    28/06/2010 at 8:41 am

    • hola silviaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, estoy disfrutando de lo lindo siiiiiiii!!!! lo de abandonar indonesia depende del dia, dias pienso que si, otros dias pienso que no…hoy es que no… 😉


      28/06/2010 at 3:22 pm

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