DAY 115: from Temple of Doom to City of God- Vamos a la playa ohohohohoh!!!


well, we are still the three of us, Dani, Kattherine (alias “Hello Kitty” since a couple of days) and myself, we stayed at Ubud for around 4 nights,the town in itself although much nicer than Kuta, with a more relaxed vibe it is still very touristic, with art  and textile shops everywhere…It is a pity because when you come to one of those countries so far away you want to see the real life of how people live here, with normal businesses, but here nothing but small art shops and tourist shops, nice town but artificial.

However, it is interesting renting a motorbike (from not having drive in my life before this trip a I am now riding manual motorbikes, much cheaper, reliable, and why not say, enjoyable 🙂 ) and riding through the surroundings, a lot of rice fields as well at Bali, and nice little farming villages and temples….good to scape from the city and  make it real.

In one of our motorbike rides in search of interesting Hindu temples (really, dont bother in seeing too many I think once you seen a couple you dont need to see more) we stepped into one were they were celebrating cockfights, those indonesians are really serious and into cockfighting, being one of the major entertainments and attractions when they are celebrating Hindus festivities, this was amazing: more than a hundred indonesians, all men, screaming and betting for the cocks in a short of mini gladiator arena they had built for them, with stone benches at each of the four side making it a kind of colliseum

…people betting, talking between them., laughing, the owners of the cock in the arena, exhibiting their roosters (I didn’t wanted to say “cocks” jejeje) and tying  huge sharp blades to their roosters right legs, the referees around the arena making sure the rules were being followed accordingly, when all of a sudden everybody around me gets on their feet and start yelling while they pointed with their hands to the arena “SAMA! SAMA!! SAMA!!! SAMA!!!! SAMA!!!!”, guys, at this moment I thought my heart was going to come out through my mouth with the scary human voices in synchronization and rising higher with the tone, like in a short of frenzy trance, bloodthirsty…like in Indiana Jones at the temple of doom, when the priest takes out the heart of the that poor guy, (yes, I am flipping, but serious, my hair got straight like spikes, or however this is said in english)…

ok, lets move on…from Ubud we went straight to Mataram, capital of Lombok,where we found out that our plan of extending our visas was not going to succeed as…we didnt realize it was weekend!!! It happens when you travel, even when you have a phone that reminds you of the day you are living…

So we moved on the following morning to  Kuta Lombok, this is a little town at the south of lombok, guys what a cool place, what a beautiful rural landscape when you scape with a motorbike through the bumpy road:full of small bushes, coconut trees,lakes, buffaloes and herder wearing their typical sarongs…this place is great, not to mention the nice little kids that are all around running after you to sell you necklaces and purses(we showed them how to sing “Vamos a la playa, ohohoohoh!!!” and they were following us all the week singing this, so cool)…and of course, you can SURF!

And that i what I have been doing for the last 4 days, surfing like crazy with a canary boy I met at Khuta, (Paola and Tano, what a pleasure, love riding waves with good company)  at a nearby fishing village of Khuta called Gurupuk, where there are 3 breaks you must reach by boat, dun-dun (beginners), inside (it gets big, but the wave is very easy and gentle, no prob surfing here) with great rights and lefts, and outside (I stayed at the inside so I cant talk about this one, I think it is more dangerous with coral. so I avoided it).

Finally I will mention that my great friend Dani, one of those days that I left him alone, he snapped a rented board  when he was learning near the shore how to surf…guys, what was until that moment a lovely holiday became into a horrible nightmare, when the really cool young duddies that run the shop turned into the motherfucking crazy kids of the movie city of god: for3 hours at night all the kids of town and of the surf shop where trying to tell us to pay them more than a million rupies for the damaged board, price which was much much more than what we should have payed, but they were getting aggresive like crazy so we had to do it…not worth it  getting in trouble in a small town in Indonesia… yeah, like doctor jekil and mister hide…

Now at Sengiggi, after arranging this morning my visa at Mataram, which cost the official 250000 rupias, + the “250000 unofficial” ones…

take care my friends, and enjoy the summer!!!!



4 responses

  1. ranky

    and we see again: money makes the world go round!

    maybe you should carry always some chewing gums in your pocket so you can pay the kids. (remember the movie “hostel”) 😉

    take care

    11/06/2010 at 12:14 pm

    • thats a great advice buddy 😉

      what about the movie hostel?? I cant remember 😦

      takecare Rankyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

      12/06/2010 at 3:24 pm

  2. Kim

    too funny, kid. Your blog makes me laugh. i love the movie references!

    24/06/2010 at 2:40 pm

    • :)) how are you doing?? How is canon?? a couple of days ago I was at 4 am in a tiny dirty town in the middle of Sumbawa looking for a bus and I saw the 1st half of Japan-Holland, of course I remembered all of you, say hello to the troupe from my side this lunch!!!

      I miss you guys XXX

      26/06/2010 at 4:24 am

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