DAY 105: From Java to Bali

hello duddies…a long time right?

So I stayed two night at Jogjakarta, enough time to be screwed up not only once but twice buying batak art paintings!!! I continue surprising myself, how can I be so stupid as not only falling once but twice in the same trap…I guess that I liked the paintings, that is why I bought them, but I paid a lot more than what I should have paid…but in the other hand, what is the price of art??

well lets continue…at Yogya I checked out the Craton, this is the sultan palace, no idea there was a sultan over here, as I had been at Istanbul at the sultans palace I thought it would be similar, but not at all, this one was very very humble, and they did when I was there a puppet show, one of the hobbies of the sultans, it was really amazing, didnt understand a thing but the puppets moved as if they were a live, a lot of violence though involved in the plot, the puppets  were even fighting with martial arts…

I also went to Borobudur and Drambajan, two temples constructed 1000 years ago, one Buddhist and the other one Hindu, they were quite expensive, but The first one was a must, as it is one of the 7th world wonders…the temple is a massive monument of stone, it consists of 4 or five floors, don’t remember anymore as it has been more than a week ago…the interesting thing is that you should go walking through it doing a spiral, starting from the bottom and clockwise making your way to the top….on the walls there are motives with the teachings of Buddha, and as you move to the upper floors they also represent higher levels of knowledge of buddhism, very interesting, as you can see that the longest level is the bottom, and little by little you get enlightenment and you start moving upwards, as the temple is a massive pyramid you can see that the top levels are higher, you see more, landscape and they are also shorter,so you spend less time on them, it seems that this should also be somehow the way enlightenment comes…at the last level there are around 30 bells with a Buddha inside each of the bells, supposedly if you touch the Buddhas inside the bells (there are holes in the bells you can put your arm inside and touch them), you will be lucky, and guess what: I wished you all good luck touching one of the Buddhas, and I even rubbed all the bells on the other Buddhism order to amplify the effect…so guys, it is going to be a great year for all of you. I am sure!!!!!

On this tour to Borobudur I met a lot of people, and at night after several beers I decided without thinking to much to move with 4 of them towards Bali, the thing is that I was not feeling like taking too many decisions and I just took it as it came, going with the flow, for once not thinking, I was moving from  one place to another without too much mental work as somebody had already thought the itinerary, so I was wondering for the next 48 hours going in minibuses without really knowing my destination…not knowing in what town I was going to sleep …nice…

so after the beer night we got in a minivan with a poor Indonesian driver who had no sleep in 48 hours, he was sleeping on the stirring wheel and it took us a hell of a time to convince him to stop at a mini market where we bought him 5 cans of red bull. We were flipping when after finishing the ride trip the guy just turned around and started another 12 hours ride back home, we complaint to the tourist agency, but they told us “It is ok, as long as he smokes he will not fall asleep”.

Please be careful when you purchase a trip in a tourist agency, I strongly recommend to take the public buses or trains, those guys at travel agencies are not very safe…

So after the 12 hours minivan trip we stayed a night near volcano bromo…we only slept 3 hours as the following morning we had to wake up early and go to a view point to see the sunrise. So as zombies we went to the viewpoint the following morning, and there were around one million persons awaiting for the sunrise, you could almost feel the tension at 5 o’clock in the morning, everybody was pushing for a little place to see the volcano jejeje. Incredible views guys, after this we went in jeeps directly to the volcano and see the views from the top. FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!

After volcano Bromo we continued our crazy race to Bali, another 12 hours to make it to den pasar, and from there to Khuta, place I would only describe as Sodoma and Gomorrah,and expensive as hell. Dont want to say more. After a couple of nights the fellowship of Jogjakarta splitted up, and I went with Dinesh and Anais to Nusa Lembungan, an island which I expected to be a place where I could take it easy for a couple of days…

And what a place it was guys….I surfed for a first time a reef, incredible and frightening sensation as you could see the coral just beneath you, I tried to be extremely careful and even being this I fell on the first day  and slightly scratched my leg….however, never beeing surfing before in a place so cool as this one, with incredible views of the island and as well of Bali at a distance in the horizon, with its volcanoes covered with clouds. amazing…

not only this, we made a snorkeling trip to manta point, with a very nice french girl that at this moment is looking at what I am writing, so annoying but anyway… well, this  island, nusa lembungan, is at the south east part of bali, and it is unique as it is a short of highway for manta rays, those are huge flat rays that can be up to 5-7 meters big…

fortune was not at our side this time, as there was a very powerful swell that didn’t allowed us to visit manta point, so we had to change our plans and move to crystal bay (thanks Katy, this is the french girl, she is cooperating), and guess what, after five minutes snorkeling around I just saw one manta coming directly towards me…what a sensation having this huge thing just swimming in front of me, they look a little bit like a huge bat in the water…

guys, everyday I see and experience new things, I think that in 3 months ive lived more than in the last 10 years…

I am now at Ubud, with Dani, my dear traveler and friend I met at Malaysia 2 months ago, we splitted up at singapore and we are now back together, and Katy, which you already have heard about…

Ahh! I have had dinner like a king lately, incredible barbecues of tuna, and jacket, as much as you can eat, and only for 3 euros, the place is called  Mimpi Warang, near the mangrove at Nusa lembongan. Believe me you will never eat again like this….it is near the mangrove forest, just follow the beach ad you will bump on it!

This is not all, during low tide, an incredible landscape displayed in front of your eyes, the water of the beach was vanished, and you could see little fields of farmed algae, really amazing this, no water in the beach for several hundred meters until the coral reef, and all the boats sunk on the beach sand, and between the boats and the reef, all the alage fields,with the inhabitants of the island, young and old, all together cultivating and gathering them…beautiful guys, it was also full moon, so the tides were even more impressive, we were lucky…

Another thing: at this island I was feeling weird. a strange sensation…life was too good…this couldn’t be true…I couldnt be here, surfing all the day, drinking juices, and eating fish…

Bye bye, sorry if it is a little bit too long…I am sure anyway I am forgetting millions of things…XXXX


5 responses

  1. ranky

    hey Jose, i’m so fuckin jealous! 😉
    actually i was hoping to see you in amsterdam when i’m going there in some weeks.
    anyway, have fun, take care and ride some huge waves!

    31/05/2010 at 6:33 pm

    • Hi Ranky! when are you going? You know people around Adam??

      take care buddy, you are one of the best things I found in this trip!

      Will ride as many as I can!

      01/06/2010 at 11:59 am

    • my friend how is life back in europe?

      take care!

      02/06/2010 at 11:07 am

  2. Mikkel and Frida

    Hola, good to hear that you are enjoying life my friend. I hope that your money will last you as long as possible :-). Here in Amsterdam life is the same waiting for a departure to Sweden hopefully :-). Frida is growing and everything is as it should be and it will be a girl.

    Hope to see you soon again…

    hugs from Mikkel and Frida

    09/06/2010 at 2:01 pm

    • hello my dear roomates I love you and remember you a lot, I keep asking myself what about the baby and when the hell are you leaving to sweden and when I will see you again…and more now that the surf season has started for me, Ive already been in two really cool surfbreaks, one at Bali and the second one at lombok, not very dengerous those ones although you can find them…my money is still lasting, but I will have to use all that I got to keep on going for several month more…

      big hugs from Lombok, Indo!

      10/06/2010 at 10:46 am

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