Hello guys,

At this moment I’ve been 36 hours almost without sleep and actually I feel pretty good…must be the Javanese coffee!

yesterday morning I finally left Lake Toba, guys this place is stunning….made some good friends, Brillo, and Indonesia Batak friends, two girls, Ita and Ika, which were so happy when I took my camera out and shot at them that we did a home-made a photo session there in the terrace.. I was feeling like a fashion photographer, and I kind of lose control of the things I say when I am in this mood, but in a funny way eh???!!

So another horrible 5 hours bus to Medan, yesterday early morning, and from there flight to Jakarta, I arrived around eleven at night, and I had lost all the buses towards the center of Jakarta (train station is in the center of Djakarta). I was lucky as I met 3 boys from the canary islands that were taking a cab to the center so we shared the costs, that way I was able to make it to Pasar Sene around midnight, and this WAS NOT GOOD LUCK as the place was really really dark and dodgy…a lot of strange people at this hours of the night in a train station of the capital of Indonesia, and me, a white guy, the only white guy,alone,  and with a big backpack hanging…well it all went great, I made myself friend with the people that were sleeping between cartons at the entrance of the train station, and was adopted as an orphan by this mix of coffee sellers, taxi drivers, motorbike drivers, tuk tuk drivers and whatever type of people that were there at that hours of the night.

The only thing that I had to do was not fall sleep until the time my train came to take me to Yogjakarta,try to imagine, if I fall sleep I woke up naked in the middle of the station. this would be  at 6:45 am, so I stayed awake drinking coffee and smoking super high in tan and nicotine cigarettes with my new indonesian family,the  creatures of Javanese night…between cartons…one of them let me know that it was not a very dangerous place, just a little, that I had to be careful, 5 crimes had been committed in that station…another guy told me that I had to ask the police to scort me to the top of the train station, as all criminal minds were already aware of me around…a perfect target…this scared the shit out of me, and when I payed the station officer for the ticket at the office, my hands were trembling and I couldnt put the money back in the wallet….I did not had the balls of taking a single shot, afraid that showing my canon eos could be too  tempting… a night that I will not forget, and still I meet many good people around…actually I only met nice people. but it was scary, dark and dirty. So please, dont stay the night waiting at Pasar Sene station, just go when the train will leave!!!Or else let them know that you are a friend of “Jose” the Spanyol…then they will probably adopt you as well.

When the train left I was so so happy, I just stretched myself in the train seat, made myself as comfortable as possible in order to have a good sleep…well…this was not to happen guys. 15 min later the show starts: it was like a circus, everybody screaming, yelling, prices, products to sell etc….I was sitting in my train seat and I couldn’t believe it, all this people going around the train selling all shorts of stuff, phone batteries, plastic spidermans, a set of bananas, durian, incredibly good looking dishes, warm meals (in one of this moments I think I saw a guy with 5 plates on his hands just putting them in front of my nose, I thought that I was dreaming….), people sticking their eyes in front of you, waking you up to ask you if you wanted to buy!!!! I was getting mental…in each stop the train made people just jumped on the train and where trying to sell you things until the next station, when they would go down, but another new horde of salesman would come in to try to sell their stuff…I couldnt but laugh about all this…me, trying to keep myself awake until 7 oclock in the morning and now, safe in the train, not able to sleep at all with the revolution that was going on….even one of the travellers, a muslim lady tried to convince me to go to her hostel…displaying me all short of posters in the front of my face of her resort.The 4 hours telephone conversation of the lady behind me. Around 60 years old and with that mental agility, being able to talk for so long…, soaked in sweat, and I dont sweat.admirable. This was “bisnis” class. What would the “ekonomi” be…

And last but the best thing. the thing that made all this really worth it. The incredible views from the window of the train, the incredible landscape that you can see crossing java island from west to east…the life in the farms, everything covered with rice plantations, corn, and many others, making small green patterns in the landscape, and people working on them…an occasional person riding a bike in the fields, a little kid playing along the shade of a tree, a group of women relaxing under a hay roof in the middle of the field…just amazing guys!!!! and only 10 euros for this  8 hour experience  train trip!

I wish I could have gotten out of the train, to  shoot some photos, or that I would have had a video recorder and recorded the 8 hours…wellI turned on the sound recorder at the train, and was able to shot a couple of pics through the window, but not as I would have liked to…

good night guys, I am going for dinner and to sleep!


2 responses

  1. Alex

    Conociendo criaturas de la noche!! Suena bien la aventura, sigue disfrutando de indonesia. Aquí todo bien, ya con la mudanza. Una pena, pero no hay mal que por bien no venga!!

    21/05/2010 at 1:20 pm

    • una puerta que se cierra otra que se abre ya veras.
      suerte con la mudanza!!!

      22/05/2010 at 6:14 am

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