DAY 86 POST 3: Lake Toba

And this time I will write what I wrote this morning…finally up to date! I hope you like this format of writting, if not let me know

take care my friends!


Lake Toba, Sumatra.

I arrived at Lake Toba 2 days ago, it has taken me 36 hours to arrive, 12 hours bus drive from Banda Aceh to Medan, the night bus with a shattered frontal window, I had a seat  at the front of the bus and I was aware, shocked, terrified at the scene I was contemplating with my eyes…

Bus drivers here are a mixture between Schumacker and Carlos Sainz. They go really fast, and they just pass over cars with minimum safety cautions, doesn’t matter if there was a turn with continuous line in the road that they will just go for it. I was quite scared,. I t was better closing your eyes, preferably not seeing what was going on, I was in the hands of god, fate, or whatever you would like to call it.

From Medan another bus for 5 hours to Lake Toba.

Lake Toba is a beautiful place, I would say unique in the world, This lake was created a hundred thousand years ago, by a huge volcano that collapsed over its self. Years after, a new eruption created the island that is now called Samosir, the place where I am now writing those words,

It is hard to describe the beauty of this pace. In front of me I see the lake, and after the lake green mountains of different tones  arise. There is a batak fisherman fishing in the calm waters in front of me at few meters away, I think he has been doing this since sunrise, as I woke up and took several photos and . He is now singing on his canoe, and the music of his voice blends with the sound of water splashing over the stone walls of this terrace in front of the lake Im now on which is sheltered from the sun by a beautiful batak style roof. This terrace stands a little bit in the lake as there is a stone path that takes you into the lake and finishes in this 10 square meter terrace. Calm was absolute, until the arrival of some new chinese guests that are now disturbing the peace of this lovely place.

Yesterday I rented a motorbike, first time I ride a motorbike, and had a nice trip all around the island, surrounding it from east to west along the coast, land covered with beautiful green to yellow patterns of rice fields, and charming batak houses of high roofs with carved faces and patterns all over it.

We drove (me and jak, a local that offered himself to come with me) to the hot springs at the west side. This hot spring come from the heart of the mountain and the temperature was so hot that it was almost unbearable .

Today I will chill out in this terrace, contemplating this peaceful and incredible view….”


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    12/05/2010 at 2:51 pm

    • patri, no puedo dejar fotos todavia, esto es un hervidero de virus y tengo miedo de perder las fotos si utilizo los cibercafes de aqui…

      un beso!

      20/05/2010 at 12:41 pm


    Hola Jose,

    Ahí vá alguna nota más para completar lo que cuentas sobre el volcan Toba.

    La explosion de que hablas… se produjo hace unos 75.000 años… y desde entonces no ha habido otra mayor… Fué mucho mayor que la del volcan Krakatoa..que fue posterio tremenda….Los efectos que estamos teniendo estos dias en Europa..con un volcan de dificil pronunciacion situado en Islandia… y que ha paralizado la aviacion durante dos semanas…se calificaria por comparacion como “unas risas”..

    La explosion del Toba hace 75000 años provocó el lanzamiento a la atmosfera de miles de millones de kilometros cubicos de cenizas. Ojo: 1 km3 = 1000x1000x1000 m3= mil millones de metros cubicos de cenizas= un volumen equivalente a 1000 petroleros de los mas grandes que se han construido . Tuvo consecuencias sobre la superficie de la tierra mundiales porque se ocultó el sol durante bastante tiempo provocando fr4ios tremendos…una glaciación. A nivel biosfera fué una masacre…(por supuesto, inferior a la producida 200 millones de años antes a causa del choque de un meteorito en el golfo de Mexico y que produjo la extincion del 90% de la vida terrestre, entre ellos los dinosaurios).

    A nivel homo sapiens……se cree que tras la explosion del Toba..pudo morir más del 80-90%…basandose en el hecho comprobado de que la diversidad genetica de nuestra especie es mucho mas estrecha de lo que cabia esperar, dada la trayectoria de nuestra evolucion, suponiendose que nuestra especie actual se deriva de los pocos que quedaron…..y de ahí la explicacion de que todos los hombres seamos tan parecidos geneticamente hablando..

    Bueno…todo lo que te cuento…no es sino lo que he escuchado en un programa de naturaleza de Euskaltel….

    Un abrazo,


    20/05/2010 at 9:47 am

    • pues es muy interesante papa, sobre todo lo del tema homo sapiens, el tema genetico y evolucionario….gracias por la colaboracion!!!

      20/05/2010 at 12:40 pm

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