DAY 86 POST 1: About Lampu’uk

Hi guys, I am now at Lake Toba, but in this post it is not about Lake Toba but About Lampu’uk, a huge beach near Banda Aceh, I spent here 3 days, me and Garreth were the only tourists in this place, and as well it was the last place I visited with Gareth, he left back to england a couple of days ago. Again on my own.  It is good being on your own. I wrote about this place in my notebook, so I would just rewrite what I wrote there on the 07-05-2010, a sunny morning I went on my own to have a bath in the beach.Sorry if it gets a little bit too emotional, but writing in a notebook makes you emotional:

“I’m the only person in 2km of beach. I’m at Lampu’uk, in Aceh. I arrived yesterday afternoon from Pulau Weh, An island where time has stopped, simple and beautiful life.

HAlf of this paradisiacal beach is covered with cow shit. This is the way of Sumatra: Island of contrasts, beauty and shit melted together to make something different, pure and real.

At this moment (friday, this is why nobody is around I think they are all praying somewhere ) the only thing that makes me company is the roar of the waves breaking in the shore, Peace is total, and unique. And I wonder what I’m going to do in life as much as I try to focus in remembering this moment.

There are 4 restaurants( wood huts), but they are all closed. Yesterday they were opened, when we appeared walking through the middle of the beach under a sun brought from hell., all the owners of the restaurants came to us with a big smile and we all sat together  under the shade of one of the hundreds od elevated wood platforms  with a roof top that covered the beach.

We talk in indo with the owners(we try)and they in english (they try) and we don’t understand much, They are all brothers. We sleep in one of the bungalows of the only guest house around where one of the brothers works. The 2004 tsunami, boxing day took away from them their parents and their little sister, now a turkish NGO  rebuilt the house where their parents used to live, a much smaller house where this brother is now living and I had the honour to visit.

Tonight I will prepare for everybody tortilla de patata.”


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