DAY 77: Bukit lawang

Hello duddies,

So I went to bukit lawang, home of one of the last retreats for Sumatras orangutans, I think there are only left in Sumatra and Borneo, it is the only big primate that comes from out of africa.

Bukit lawang is a great place, I spend 4 nights there, from Medan I took a bus for around 4 hours to /bukit Lawang, this bus was something special guys, you have to come to see this…the bus was old as mathuselah, but it had an extraordinary huge soundsystem (at the back of the bus)which the driver undiscrimanetly used to blast his techno electro trance to the passangers, half of them above 50 years and below 10…spectacular indeed this trip…I couldnt believe it…when I got into the bus, after taking a mini bus to the bus station a day which had rained so much that the roads of Medan were covered with a feet of water…I met this guy with a cigarrete in his mouth and a poker face called Gareth, who would have said that he will become my new adventure friend for the last 7 days…

Well. continuing with bukit luwang, gareth and I did some tubing over the river for a ridiculous price of 80 cents of a euro, going through the rapids for 2h and a half, beautiful landscape of the surroundings,and it gave us the opportunity of seeing what life is near a river in Indonesia, farmers, cows, buffalloes, bamboo collectors, all of this surrounded by jungle and mountains…great stuff.

I also did a trekking of one day in the quest to discover orangutans, it was great although I sweated like a pig, the orangutans are very hard to catch with the camera, they are pretty evasive except the ones that were held captive and released in the national park, those had been at zoos and they were more used to see human beings…

All of a sudden when we were photographing a mom with his child, the mom advanced towards us, everyone started running and all of a sudden I found myself separated from the rest by the orangutan. I kept my ground, didnt moved a muscle, the orangutan then sat down in the middle of the path, and after waiting for a couple of seconds and realizing that he was calmed down…it was amazing guys… I realize I was less than two meters from an orangutan in the middle of the jungle…I snapped several shots at him when he faced me…I was feeling like sigourney weaver in this movies about gorillas when I heard it…it was like rain…but when I look up there was no cloud, the sun was shinning…and then I realized…the baby orangutan, that little fuckers was peeing me from the top of the tree!! Then I decided to get out of the way and I met my friends going through the trees at the side of the path…

That night it rained like crazy on the base camp. around 4 hours non stop. scared the shit out of me, when I saw the level of the river was around 2 meters below the limit…few years ago 280 persons had died in this town due to a flood.

Life is cruel but beautiful at this part of the world.

This is all for today, but I got more though….maybe tomorrow!

5 responses

  1. al

    Im loving it jose, keep it coming!!

    04/05/2010 at 9:20 am

    • gracias albi. I love you my friend!

      04/05/2010 at 2:48 pm

  2. Rosa

    just amazing jose ! keep the stories coming xx

    04/05/2010 at 4:36 pm

    • gracias rosa! we shall meet again, and I will show you the photos

      05/05/2010 at 4:55 pm

  3. mariana from mexico

    jajajajaja (again more laughts coming out reading your stories) well pepe, i would say, a little rain of baby orangutan’s pee is a bargain price for a 2 meter shots and a face to face with mom peacefull experience! God take good care of you amigo!

    31/10/2010 at 6:21 pm

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