Hi my friends!

I am now at Singapore!!

I changed my plan, the idea was going to Melaka and then taking a ferry to Dumai in Sumatra, but I met a group of nice friends at Tioman, and at the end  I decided to go along with them to Singapore.

I must say that I was hesitating to go to Singapore as I was not in the vibe of big skyscrapers and high tech civilization but guys, this city is amazing, I am so glad I came!! It is much more expensive than the rest of SE asia (at least for a cheap backpacker like me), but the place is so nice and the architecture so refined….it is really worth it. At least for a couple of days. I left Tioman 3 days ago, at the end I stayed8 days, I think this and the perhentian are the best things I come across at Malaysia, again crystal clear waters, great people, nice resorts (much better than perhentian long beach), and amazing diving!!!!

Talking about diving, I am in the phase where I am starting to be aware of the amount of dangers within the water: guys, forget about sharks, there are A LOT of small very poisonous fish, and at SE asia they are easily seen. Stonefish and scorpion fish are all around the place, so you as a diver  must be responsible enough to keep away from them, so the best thing you can do is: DONT TOUCH ANYTHING!!! As well, try to keep away from the rocks, at least be sure that you dont touch them as in many of them you can find a perfectly camouflaged and highly poisonous fish just standing on the rock waiting for an unaware diver to make his day…and the poison is just a killer.

Now just to make you feel better, I again saw plenty of beautiful black tip reef sharks, turtles,blue dot  sting rays, and a huge bumpfish again that just appeared from a coral island in an unexpected moment, when i saw it I almost lost my breath as it just appeared next to me!!!

We stayed at Air BAtan village (ABC), highly recommended, you have a long but narrow beach, it is very chilled out and it is cheap, be aware of the monkeys in the path a long the beach, one day we saw a cute little monkey and when we started taking photos to him her big mom just appeared screaming and showing us their teeth…I didnt offered any resistance, and I started running away (no way I am going to risk a monkey bite) and the monkey got inmmediatly braver and was running wild after us for 60 m….we couldnt stop laughing afterwards, but it was kind of an experience being prosecuted by a pissed of monkey!!!

ok my friends, I fly tonight to indonesia,to the island of sumatra, already started with my first antimalaria pill…will let you know if there are any special side effects 🙂

take care!!!



2 responses

  1. Very nice story about your trip, i’m exciting to see you again and tell me the whole story. I was in Maui and is plenty of shark, staff and coral… so the surf nanai de la txina morena. And i was in one of the three campgrounds were there and…. uuuu “soy una ocampista” there were scorpions, centipedes and you can think how was my first day there… i was completely scared!! jumping in the night with my fucking little light lighting everywhere… hihihi.

    Bueno ozelito me encanta leer tus venturas y desventuras por asi, parece que esta yendo todo genial, no? Viajar solo tiene su rollito!!

    Bueno campeon a ver cuando aterrizas a las españas, tu diras?


    26/04/2010 at 6:01 am

    • querida amiga, la vuelta no se contempla todavia en el horixonte, y el itinerario esta cada dia mas abierto, cuanto mas sur mas posibilidades, e indonesia es tan grande….

      pues si que tiene su rollito, aunque todavia lo que se dice solo solo no he estado casi, siempre te encuentras algun viajero que va en tu misma direccion, hoy por fin parto solo para indonesia, es como volver a empezar!

      pasatelo genial en LA,ya se que te morias de ganas, disfruta y ya me ensegnaras esas fotazas!!!

      nos vemos a la vuelta, cuando quiera que sea eso 🙂


      26/04/2010 at 7:33 am

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