Day 59: Kuantan and Taman Negara: sittin’ on the dock of the train

Hello buddies,

I cannot wait to get my head below the water and see this new wonderful world I just discovered on the deep water, this, and the fact that it is almost 40 degrees celsius here in Malaysian mainland has made me decide to go back to where I should never have left, this is, crystal blue water islands….

So I took the jungle train from Wakaf bharu, again we are travelling without any hurry, it doesn’t matter how long does it take as long as it is CHEAP. So we had to wait 8 hours in this dark and far away from civilization train station, my new adventure friend  Dani, from Tarragona, and myself, after 4 hours waiting we wanted to start climbing the walls of the train station, it was as if we have drunk alcohol or something, we started doing stupid things and acting stupid just for the shake of doing something that will take us away from boring our selves…it actually was very funny, being the only inhabitants of the train station at night for 8 hours, we discovered that night is the hunting time for ants, we even made a photographic documentary about it, supported as well with video and my voice recorder (I got a little bit excited and I was narrating everything that was happening jejeje), huge insects were being hunted down by really small ants, it was incredible, the ants followed the insects quickly, I don’t understand how they did so but they could track where the prey was from long away distances, they could go to where the fighting was being held from far away places, the insects in matter of minutes were completely overwhelmed by an army of fearless and sadistic ants that would fall over them…

So there we were Dani and myself contemplating the horror of nature at 3  o’clock in the morning, and hearing the roosters scream since 1 o’clock (there was something wrong with the roosters around here…)….and in between this, we listened to some classic songs. One went directly into my heart and I hereby would like to share with you, and let you know that I am dying to sit down with all of you in that dock that is waiting for us to meet….

the idea was to see the jungle on our way to the natural park of Taman Negara, but when I made it to the train I slept all the way to the national park, my eyes, after staying for all most of the night awake could not be kept opened so I just let myself go into a pleasant sleep.

At Taman Negara, and I say this with shame, I almost didn’t do nothing but chill out on the shade of the hostel, the reason why is that it was almost 40 degrees celsius, and any physical activity seemed a hell of a job. Even going to next door  store to buy an ice cream (so you can imagine).

We did go anyway inside the national park, and we made a very small trekking into the canopy walkway, this is a bridge around 20 meters above the ground in the middle of the jungle, it is very long, and it is divided in different sections as the bridge hangs from one tree to another, it was very cool and fun, until a group of small kids starting running and screaming behind us on the bridge, after that the bridge was shaking all the way and the noise of the kids screams were destroying the natural mystic atmosphere of the place…

I heard great stories about this place though, people usually do trekking through the rainforest for several days, sleeping inside the jungle!!! And there are monkeys, and there are caves with bats, and there are a lot of LEECHES!!!!FANTASTIC!!!

Well, now I am far away from the jungle, we are at Kuantan, a big city in the east coast, yesterday night we arrived here, there is a very nice mosque, spectacular, and the soccer field is just in front of it, so you can see the two religions that most Malaysian people follow: Islam, and soccer.

Tomorrow to Tioman island (it is the big island where it says Romin)! I bought new snorkelling glasses!! I cant wait to use them!

big hugs, I wish I could put some photos, but I am really afraid to lose the photos or to destroy my CF card because of viruses, I’ve had so many problems…

well, take care my friends!!!



6 responses

  1. Mark Panico

    Hola Jose, the shark story sounded impressive, lucky they are harmless! The weather, the nature & the beautiful beaches! Enjoy it my friend!

    15/04/2010 at 9:51 am

    • Gracias Mark!

      how are you doing? How is life now that KEvin is gone?

      see you later buddy!

      15/04/2010 at 10:20 am

      • Mark Panico

        Life is good here Jose. Still looking for a job though. My friend from Australia took Kevin’s room. He arrived here 1 week before Kevin left. Only 9 days until Queen’s day! I will miss mi Espanol amigo este ano! I will have a beer for ya!

        I’m so jealous of your stories, what I would gave to be in nature. Your journey sounds awesome. I’m really enjoying your journal.

        Take care & enjoy the hot weather & beautiful beaches!

        21/04/2010 at 6:52 pm

      • hello buddy, great that somebody from home is coming to Adam!

        I am happy that you follow me upmy friend,have a pilsen for me at our fav browerij, see you later!

        25/04/2010 at 5:11 am

  2. And ¿how about your camera? What did you choose at the end? Slr or compact?

    26/04/2010 at 6:10 am

    • I took my dslr, however this is quite heavy,i think you had a point when you recommended me something smaller, but I am shooting alot! although I am beginning to think that my camera has quite some dificulties with the autofocus, I have to change to manual so often, and I am loosing nice pics!

      just a moment ago it was rainning like crazy here! 2 more hours to go to the airport…

      big kiss!

      26/04/2010 at 7:35 am

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