Day 37: Cameron Highlands


so I spend 3 nights at Kuala Lumpur, I needed to buy some shoes for going into the jungle, because as soon as I landed at Bangkok I got rid of the ones I was taking with me, it was too hot and I knew I would never use them, so I just bought at the chinese market some Timberland imitation shoes, so good so far, I paid 10 euros which at the moment I thought it would be all right (best price I could find in all China town) until  I went to a supermarket and I saw shoes for 3 euros. Fuck why does it always have to be this way? Well, I almost bought some shoes for 30 euros (waterproof and original brand) so I guess it could had been worse, I just hope they last!

Ok, enough about the shoes, lets talk about Malaysia 🙂

Actually Malaysia is a very friendly country for travellers, people here smile a lot, and they always greet you back, even  woman that are wearing veils greet you back with a huge smile in their faces…this is the second muslim country I ever visit (there are a lot of Indians and Chinese as well, huge minor ethnic groups in Malaysia), and I must say that they are very very nice people, always eager to help you, you don’t even need to ask them, they will just come to you and ask you if you need help if they sense you are lost or you need anything, for example, I am now at Cameron Highlands and I am going all around the place hitch hiking, no problem, they are always glad to help someone.

Although I think that Thai people are more easy going when it comes to talk and have a conversation…and they are more close, they like touching a lot, you can feel the love.

I spent three days at Kuala Lumpur, the cities capital, not too much to do here, I didn’t find it too much fun, so I headed towards Cameron Highlands, to the town of Thana Rata. This town is at 1500 m altitude, and it is surrounded by thick jungle. It is a great place for hiking,there are many jungle tracks you can take, on the last days I have done 3 of them, I took one alone, supposedly you must go in couples but I didn’t met anybody so….

It took me around 2 hours and a half to do the jungle track, the jungle is very dense, and the tree trunks and roots are all over the place, the soil looks like hollow, in some places if you jump on top of the soil it will tremble as an earthquake, I guess it is because the floor is made up of layers and layers of leaves and roots, without any real earth under it….

I’ve also gone to the tea plantations that are the primary symbol of this place, and they are located at more than 2000 meters above the sea level, you can almost touch the sky with your hands in some places around here. … the landscape is beautiful, all mountains and valleys covered with tea fields making beautiful multi green coloured patterns on the lands surface…

I will see if I can post some photographs, lately I am having problems to download the photos into those internetcafes,it just they simply don’t read my cf card, although when I plug the CF card on the camera it does recognize the photos.

I think I am going to buy a notebook, as I need my photos!!!

Yesterday again was a hard trekking day, we went to one of the highest peaks around, 3 km ascension up to an altitude of 6666 feet, and afterwards a 10 km hike between tea fields….

big kiss my friends,tomorrow I move to Panang, island in the northwestern part of Malaysia, will keep you posted!!



6 responses

  1. Mark Panico

    Hey Jose,

    I’m really enjoying reading the adventures on your travels! Take care my friend. Keep safe. Ciao

    22/03/2010 at 3:08 pm

    • Mr. Panico! I will personally tell you the most juicy stories when I go back to see you in Adam!

      take care!

      23/03/2010 at 4:42 pm

  2. Reinke

    it’s nice to read your story about malaysia. i regred a bit that i didn’t take the time to hike in the cameron highlands as well!
    i hope you will enjoy your travel and take care!

    23/03/2010 at 9:49 am

    • Reinke! who the hell are you??? Your name is Ranky!!!!

      Well, we would have had fun at Cameron Highlands together man, but for sure North of Thailand Laos and Cambodia are giving you a lot a lot of exciting experiences….that I want you to tell me!!! give me your blog address!!!

      take care!

      23/03/2010 at 4:45 pm

      • ranky

        but you should learn some german. sorry mate!

        24/03/2010 at 5:43 am

      • that is a pitty, nonetheless will say hello and sabotage a little bit…jejeje

        take care!

        24/03/2010 at 2:06 pm

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