DAY 29: taking a couple of days off at Krabi

Hellooooooooooooooo my friends!

so my days at Koh phang nan now look like months ago, and it is only one week ago I left the island, the island, yes, and also my good friend Ranky, a great travel companion with whom I ve been together for almost 3 weeks, from Bangkok, to koh tao and Koh phang nan, thank you man, I learned a lot from you, have a great time in the north! We will meet again!

So I took the boat to Surathani and from there a bus to Krabi at the west coast, also called the Andaman sea, on the bus I met ANOTHER german guy, Thomas, and I met AGAIN with 2 german girls called Nina and Nila(sisters of course but not twins jejeje). Again, once more the great impression of being kicked out of the bus in a dark and lonely place, ahhhhhhhhhhhh I am beginning to like this feeling, of not knowing where to go and what to do, just simply put your bag on your shoulders and start walking in the direction you think is best… and I say you think becouse you got no clue where your feet will take you too…thank god that Thai people are very friendly and they help you a lot…having a thai phone has also helped me a lot, it is good to be in contact with other travellers, as well as to check if there is still place in hostels before you arrive (well, actually all the places where Ive been there is no problem to find rooms as they are infested with hostels).

We found a very cozy place at Krabi city, it is called GOOD DREAM hostel, highly recommended as it is cheap and it is GOOD, the most clean and beautiful bathroom I have seen in  thailand for the moment being (it is GOOD DREAM 2 not 1!), and you can play playstation and the movies you want…

well we spent one night in Krabi (got drunk with Nina and Nila) Krabi city is not very nice but I am happy of the pictures I ve taken of the locals, it is not always so important the place but people…

after Krabi we headed to Hat Ton sai, this is a little bit north of Krabi, a beach near Ao Nang with only access by boat. Take a close look of the way that this people master sailing skills

This place was so so so cool. It is a climbers paradise, with huge limestone walls where people hang and climb like monkeys, as we had a horrible hangover from the day before we went early to bed, but the following day we woke up early and took a beginners climbing course. This has been the best idea ever, it was a little bit expensive but the instructors showed you how to get started, guided through your climbing and they gave you all the gear you needed for it.

I found out that in an earlier life I probably was a monkey. Well. No doubt about that, I guess that my monkey soul is still within me 🙂 Seriously I think I did pretty well, we climbed 4 level 5 routes, one up to 25 meters with very nice views of Rai lei beach and 3 other ones with a higher difficulty but shorter. This sport kicks ass my friends, and it is soooooooo spectacular the poses you can adopt will ascending. What I liked most is that it is you against the rock. You and the mountain. And I suppose that we should also count the guy that is holding the rope below. Yeah. That is also important.

The thing is that you have to seek the way up, there are many different ways, some are more easy, some are more dificult, some are more dangerous, some are less tiring….and if you are not convinced with one you just check a different combination, a different hole where you can dig your feet or  grab your hand to…

Railay beach is not that spectacular, and you can easily pass from Hat Ton Sai to RAilay beach, they are separated by a big rock formation but there is a path that takes around 15 minutes to walk through it.

The best beach on the nearbys was the little beach of Phranang

which you can access from East RAilay beach, on the way you see a bunch of monkeys, thieves all of them I saw how they stole from a girls bag her suncream,when I first saw them I left my bag on the floor and went for a couple of close ups of the monkeys, fatal mistake, a minute later there was one trying to take  my bag away, when I tried to take it back he show me the teeth, supposedly it was a hostile attitude, but it was strange, it looked like a smile…very human!

The last day we went on exploration towards the viewpoint and the lagoon, the way was very very steep but we were filling like adventure that day so we just went for it. Guys, that was a really incredible view from the view point, of both railay beach east and west.

The same path also takes you to the lagoon, this was even better than the view point…all of a sudden the way goes down, and you see yourself descending to the bottom of the lagoon, all of a sudden you felt you were travelling in time backwards, we were now 20000 years ago, huge trees from prehistoric times, you couldnt see the sky of the amount of leaves on the top of you, and you had to descend down the lagoon helping yourself with ropes that were tied to big rocks…

now I am back at Krabi in the same hostel,Good Dreams,  yesterday, I was alone in this place  with an argentinian guy in the living room with around 400 dvds (just watched avatar) and another 1000 playstation games, free internet, and cold beer in the freige…I feel like more confortable than my home, reason why in the last two days I havent done anything at all…it is worth coming to krabi just to stay at the hostel I went to bed at 5 oclock in the morning…the manager of this place is now my hero. Or maybe more like Jesus.

Only problem appeared this morning  I left my usb stick with all the photos at the pc on reception and today is gone. I lost all the photos from Koh Tao, and most of Koh Phang nan…this is horrible…this is a horrible loss, I asked everybody around but nothing…

Anyway, Tomorrow is another day, and this new Day takes me to Malaysia…

take care!


4 responses

  1. Mark Panico


    Dude it sounds like you are having an awesome time! The best part is the unknown to walk & not know where you will end up. To meet special people, experience the beauty of nature & to meet the locals. Thailand sounds cool! Keep Safe & enjoy Malaysia!

    15/03/2010 at 6:13 pm

    • Hi buddy,

      I am trying everything here jejeje Thailand is great, and I only saw the south which is supposed to be the most touristic, I still have the north to check out!

      see you soon!

      16/03/2010 at 5:13 am

  2. Amber

    You lost your photos! That completely blows! Maybe they will turn up eventually? Love the pictures that accompany your latest blog; it looks really amazing. It’s like we get to travel along with you! But not really since we don’t get to feel the sun, the ocean. I guess the next best thing. Good luck in Malaysia!

    Besos fuertes!


    15/03/2010 at 9:45 pm

    • thanks Amber! YEp loosing the photos sucks, yesterday I went crazy trying to find them, the worst part is that I thought I knew who the guy was….but I couldnt proof it and he denied it, sooooooooo I have to move on!

      see you soon!

      16/03/2010 at 5:16 am

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