DAY 21: Ao Mae Hat

Hi my friends,

so sorry I havent sent anything but it is just that I am having such an incredible time, I am so happy I live for seeing all this stuff!!!

We stayed at the same resort until 5 nights a go, as the setting is sooo incredible, and the landscape makes your jaw drop. That, and becouse Pot, Nop and Alec (the thai guys working there) will treat you like kings), seriously.

around 6 nights ago I was swimming naked a lone in the South western coast of Koh Phang nan, I couldnt resist myself, 4 o clock in the morning, almost full moon so huge and reflecting silver all over the sea, like if it would be a secret path opened just for me taking me to the next island which was where the silver path was ending.

We also went to the full moon party, that one and also the pre full moon, and the preprefull moon, there were great vibes in this Ko phang nan villa(the resort), a lot of back packers, very nice people that were only looking to enjoy meet people and share experiences, cocktails shakes, many types of shakes, some of which I will not name, it will stay at Koh phang nan, if you go there I might tell you 🙂

Anyway, I must say that the best moments have come just chilling out talking and playing games in the front of the beach, until long hours in the morning…

Special mention to the australian girls, swedish girls, Dan, John, Rosa,Allan, Modest…and every body else!!!

So four nights ago we decided to explore the north,Haad Khuat, or bottle beach, which was a beach you could only reach by longboat from Chalok Lam, another fishermans village located a little bit further to the west. This place was not so nice as thing sala, just becouse it was too north and we were missing the incredible sunsets…but we did some trekking to a nearby mountain, really dense jungle, just a small path to follow and we saw an incredible view from the very top of a huge limestone on top of the mountain of the beach, and of what the wild part of koh phang nan Island looks like…we sweat heavily, must have lost several kilos in fluids…

talking about this, if somebody wants to go on a diet I got the solution for you, come to this place, I have no more fat in my belly everything is gone, the thai food and this incredible sun will make you slim fibred and sun tanned….

So yesterday we arrived to Ao Mae Haad, a little bit more to the west, where we can see the sunset and oooh my what a sunset I saw yesterday…I hope it will repeat today, great snorkelling around,something much better than in the south and the far north… there is also a small island connected by a sandbar to this beach, will explore further today.

take care my friends!!

2 responses

  1. alex

    Hahaha Jose, I think diets wont work on people with no fat at all like you. Glad to hear youre loving it. Ahh, I presume your toe is fully recovered!

    Here all goes as usual.. not much to tell, at least not as interesting.

    Enjoy ur time!! abrazo

    09/03/2010 at 4:48 pm

    • gracias albi, estoy de puta madre, el pie genial. will write some more soon !!!

      take care!

      13/03/2010 at 11:34 am

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