panoramica embarcadero de Las Arenas-Getxo


This is the view of a little harbour for sailing boats in my hometown, it is the mouth of an important river, called “El Nervion” and its connection to the Cantabric sea,

this way you know a little bit more about me, and as well I can check if the flickr link to my blog works 😀

This afternoon I went with a good friend of mine to check backpacks and a lot of little things at the city mall……I didnt buy anything, and I am a little bit disappointed with the equipment I can find in the nearby….I cant see any special backpack for people that want to travel around the world or in big journeys….I can only find the backpacks used for mountain purposes…which I dont want or need…

my foot is feeling much better and I put on my mountain boots so that I t doesnt suffer too much. I also decided to not take the painkillers…just to check tomorrow morning how much it actually hurts, as I got no idea after 3 days eating 3 pills per day.

I have decided I will start writing in English instead of in Spanish, basically becouse there is a lot of people I know that cant speak spanish, while most of the spanish people I know do speak at least some english…it will be a bigger effort for me, and I will not be able to express myself as good as I could do it in English, but it will be good for me to also practice my english writing, and also this blog will reach more people if I write it in english…

so that is for today!

good night!


One response

  1. alex

    Jusseepe! Que tal Bangkok! Se me olvido llamarte 😦 Bueno, disfruta y saca muchas fotos ya hablaremos

    16/02/2010 at 10:43 am

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